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We help businesses to use digital assets as a payment method
Limitless & instant payments available in 30+ digital assets and seamless accumulation of balances in 23+ fiat.
Instant deposits in digital assets
Deposits in the most popular digital assets are credited to an account in 3 seconds.
Instant fixation to national assets
All supported digital assets can be recalculated to any fiat of your choice and the exchange rate applied will be the best rate at the time of execution.
Secure and flexible architecture
The best practices aimed at steady improvement of security and capability are being implemented.
100% of customers' funds stored on cold wallets.
A dedicated team monitors any external activities.
99% uptime of processing service is guaranteed.
We provide ultimate payment methods for businesses
Our team strives to implement best practices to provide our merchants with the most advanced, ad-hoc and efficient tools.
A simple deposit in digital assets that is not tied to a specific fiat amount and time.

The best use cases: iGaming and other businesses without any specific deposit amount requirements.
A deposit in digital assets tied to a specific fiat amount which needs to be settled in a short period of time.

The best use cases: E-commerce, Subscriptions and other businesses with specific pricing requirements.
Plug & Pay
A deposit method in digital assets based on recurring and seamless top-ups with a single sign-in.

The best use cases: iGaming, Services on Subscription and other businesses where a specific pop-up condition can be set.
Reasons to adopt digital assets
To stay competitive in this fast-growing era and to reach end users who prefer using digital assets as a means of payment. Become an early adopter!
Saving up to 90% of transaction fees
No chargebacks and rolling reserves
Borderless and instant transfers
The most growing financial tool
Test our solution before you pay
You can integrate our solution and enjoy a free 30-day period
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